An angel became curious about the sources of desires that powered the Earth. One day, in order to satiate his curiosity the angel went down to Earth to inquire who the people wanted to become. 

While walking on the Earth, the angel first encountered a little boy playing on a playground. The young boy was playing in the sand, drinking his drink and occasionally playing with his buddies.

“Who do you want to become when you grow up little boy?” asked the angel.

“When I grow up I want to become superman. I will fly around the world and save people. I will be a hero.” said the little boy with the biggest smile on his face.

Further down the road, the angel saw a teenager. The angel asked the teenager the same question.

“When I grow up, I want to become a scientist like Einstein. Having knowledge is the real power on this Earth, and those who have the most knowledge can help the most people,” said the teenager with enthusiasm.

The angel continued to inquire about the desires of men. He sought some more successful people in the eyes of society. Thus he spotted a successful businessman driving around in his fancy car.

“I see you driving a nice car. You must be successful,” said the angel. “But I want to know where you see yourself down the road of life. Who would want to become before the road ends?”

The businessman looked at the angel and answered, “I have helped many people with my businesses. The people have rewarded me with riches beyond my imagination. Before I leave this Earth, I wish to become the president of the country so that I can help the most people.”

How noble and pragmatic, thought the angel. Grounded in reality, the businessman had no desire to become Superman or Einstein but something more actual. 

At last, the angel decided to go and ask the president what would be his wish. What would the president wish to do after he is no longer the president?

The president heard the question of the angel. Drowning in worries and concerns for all his people, he was thinking about all the potential wars and calamities that had to be avoided. The president thought long about answering the question of the angel. But eventually, he realized what he truly wanted and finally, he said:  “After I retire, I only wish to sit on a beach, drink a cold drink and occasionally play golf with my buddies.”

The angel went back to the heavens and reported his findings to the Almighty God. 

“These men you have created are unusual creatures,” said the angel. “When they are young they have the most inquisitive imagination and desire to become more like you, dear God. But as they age, their desires decrease and in the end, they only wish to return to their youthful innocence. I have journeyed to the Earth to understand the desires of men. In this effort, I have succeeded. But now, I have come before you, my dear God, to tell me what do you desire? Who does God want to become?”

The light of God shined on the angel and God said:

“In heaven I have only you, and on this earth you are all I want.”

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