After sitting in the heavens for all eternity, an angel decided to come down to the Earth. The angel didn’t know anything about the evolution of souls on the earth, so he decided to ask God for some guidance…

“Almighty God, he who knows everything,” said the angel, “the heavens that you have created have become too pleasant to my restless soul. I have decided to come down to Earth and bring some of my heavenly soul as a gift to the other earthly beings.”

“I am pleased to hear that.” said the God sitting above the heavens. “The Earth is in some dire straits. The presence of your soul will be helpful to all.”

“But before I go down to Earth, my dear God, I would like to know what kind of souls are there currently living on this Earth. I would like to know who among them is the highest. Which of them is the most popular; who among them is most powerful. I can bring the heavens to the earth only through those who have fame and those who have power.”

“You have asked, and I shall answer you, my angel.” Said God. “The most popular and most famous souls on the Earth are the actors. In life, they earn their bread by pretending to be someone who they are not. They speak words written by others, they act roles directed by others. The best among them is he who is the most spurious, he who pretends the best.”

“How unfortunate.” Said the angel. “I don’t want to live by pretending to be something that I am not. I would like to live by speaking my truth since only truth can bring the heavens to Earth. Almighty God, I don’t want to be popular on Earth.” Said the angel in newly found disappointment.

“But please tell me my dear God, who among them is the most powerful?”

“The most powerful souls on the Earth are the politicians. They create the rules and laws that all other souls should follow. Their power arises out of that fact.”

The angel rejoiced in the words he just heard. “Then I shall become a politician. Oh, Lord please tell me how does one become a politician?”

“To become a politician, you will have to deceive others by promising them a free lunch. To gain power you must take money from the powerful and promise them to make laws that sustain their power. To become the most powerful, you must convince the majority that you will work in their interest, while you only work for your self-interest.”

“My God, that doesn’t sound much better than being an actor. I have changed my mind. I don’t want to become a politician. I don’t want to lose my angelic innocence.” Said the angel.

But the angel still wanted to go down to the Earth. Since the angel seemed to be out of options, in despair he asked…

”Is everything on this Earth just an act? Isn’t there something that is genuine, something that contains life without any deception, something that warms the hearts even of the greatest devil?”

“There is something that contains innocence without guilt. There is something that contains goodness without evil. Throughout all eternity I have seen a true life, a genuine living on the face of all humans. The beauty that I have seen is beyond description, so rather than describing, I will show you…” Said God and showed this image to the angel.

At last, God said, “goodness and innocence exists on the face of every newborn baby. In their angelic faces, all other angels get lost. On their faces, the greatest beauty and goodness is to be found.”

“Once I was blind but now I can see.” said the angel. “I have decided how I will go down to the Earth my dear God. I will go down to earth as a baby.”

“Your wish is my command! ” said God.

God cut off the wings of the angel, and the angel was no longer an angel. The angel fell to Earth to become a baby. As a baby, he lost all his memory. He forgot that once upon a time he was an angel living in the heavens. Later when he grew up, since he watched a lot of television, he became an actor and a politician.

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