God who watched from beyond the heavens, one day decided to send one of his angels to Earth so that the angel could cure all the sickness of the world. Since the beginning of time, people got sick, suffered and died from countless viruses, diseases, and plagues. But now, the time had come for an angel to bring perfect health to humanity.

“My angel, my only son,” said God “go down to Earth and cure the world form all illnesses. As my son, show the world that health is possible when imagined.”

“As you wish my dear God. But tell me, when I go down to Earth, should I reveal myself as the son of God or should I become a human and cure people with my humility?”

“Good question, my angel. The last Son that I sent to Earth, Jesus of Nazareth, gave vision the blind and cured the sick. And while he helped humanity, the humans decided to kill him. So this time don’t tell them that you are the son of God. Tell them that you are just another human like them.”

“So I will be born as a human, just like everyone else,” mumbled the angel.

”But my dear God, would I have inborn knowledge on how to cure diseases or I have to learn the nature of diseases?”

“My angel, if I told you how to cure diseases, I would have to tell you how I make disease. Only when you truly understand how diseases are made, out of that knowledge you learn how to cure them. I can’t transfer such knowledge to any of my angels because all my fallen angels become devils sooner or later.”

“My God, if you don’t share your knowledge with me I would have to learn medicine just like all the other humans. That won’t be an easy task. And when I find the cure to diseases, how much I should charge for the cure? What price should other humans pay for my sacrifices that led to curing the sick?”

“My angel, when you find the cure, you must give it away for free. Only then the cure would be a sacrifice and not a trade. When you wish others to pay for the cure, you will only cure those who have wealth but destine to further sickness those who can’t pay for your cure. A cure that doesn’t cure all the sick is not a real cure but a cause of further misery.”

“But God, if I give the cure away for free, how shall I live? I wish not to steal that which is not mine and if I can’t pay for food I will surely die.”

“That you will,” said God. “When you die, you will return back to me in the heavens and leave all of humanity. Angels that die on Earth always return back to heaven. If humans don’t support my angels in finding cures for humanity, who do you think loses, you or the humans?”

“The humans?” answered the angel in doubt.

“That is right. If they can’t support you in curing them, then the loss of your life will be the greatest loss to humanity. If humans can’t support the angels that cured them, humanity is destined to suffer in sickness and diseases for all eternity.”

“My dear God, but if you don’t impart your divine wisdom on how to cure diseases and if I have to be born as a human, for what reason are you sending me away from the heavens and into the Earth? I won’t be bringing anything new to the Earth since I will be starting from nothing, just like all other humans.”

“Do you think you are the first angel that I send on such a mission, my angel? I have been sending billions of angels to Earth to cure the sickness of humanity, but all my angels somehow get tangled in trivial human affairs. They never fulfill their mission.”

“Then for what purpose are you sending me when you know that I will probably fail too?”

“I send you in the hopes that after endless sickness, at least one angel would have the strength to redeem humanity. I hope that at least one angel would sacrifice himself for the good of the others. My greatest wish is that you will be that angel. Go now my angel, cure humanity, and become the miracle that humanity is seeking.”

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