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Mona Lisa’s smile

At some point in our lives, we all get captivated by something that we could never explain. Someone might seduce our attention so much that in order to alleviate the tension we must capture the seducer. Or perhaps, something might enchant our spirits so much that in order to become dispirited again we must chant […]


The mysterious dying woman

Laying on her deathbed, an old woman was reflecting on her life. Drowning in melancholic sadness she was seeking something. She was seeking one specific thing her whole life, but as luck had it, she couldn’t find that which she sought. In these dying times, in time of complete desperation, she gathered all the strength […]

Memory054 (1)

The perfection of our imperfection

Humanity was always striving towards perfection. Every human was born into an imperfect world. Delivered into imperfection, every newborn baby opened their eyes and saw a harsh reality. The initial impulse of the newborn was to cry, for the baby, had fallen. Fallen from the perfection of nothingness and into the imperfection of reality. Ever […]


In stories we trust

Time: 70 000 years B.C. Location: Earth The prehistoric human was walking the Earth. He was walking, lost in the wilderness of his own ignorance. In the wilderness, man lived with all the wild animals. He lived among the trees just like the bees. Humans lived in caves and made the other animals their slaves. […]


Purpose — A Short Story

Seven angels were sitting around in a circle in the heavens. Gathered around the heavenly fire, they were discussing what would be their purpose when they go down to Earth. “I would become a doctor,” said one of them. “I will cure diseases and help the sick.” “I would become a composer,” said another. “I […]