The Way of Being


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Inspired by true events, The Way of Being shows the journey of a young boy who goes into the world for the first time. In this narrative non-fiction novel, a young boy Joshua (Hebrew: Yeshua meaning Jesus) through dialogue with his father Elohim (Hebrew: Elohim meaning God) learns how to be and exist in the world. Joshua lives in a future dystopian reality where suffering permeates the nature of all beings. In the darkness, Joshua lives, but he is forever searching for the light. The light which is hidden in the most important questions of human nature.

What is fear? How to act? Is there free will? What is love, reality, and death?

Joshua will discover the answers to all of these questions. But in the end, Joshua will discover the answer to the most important question of being human, and that is the true meaning of life.

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This book will transform the way you see the world. A timeless story told through the eyes of seven mortals reveals the nature of human immortality.

Seven people shaped the way we saw the world in the past, but now they are back to reveal a higher transcendental reality in which we all live.

Written in the form of a letter to God, seven people will try to awaken your spirit to a new realization of your true nature. Seven people will tell you who you are.  

Adam, the first human from the story of Genesis will tell you how he was created. Socrates, Alexander the Great, Anna Maria, Einstein, Trump will share their wisdom, struggles, love, knowledge, and ego so that you can learn what they had learned. 

In the end, Enoch, the seventh generation from Adam, will share his visions with humanity. Enoch will reveal how the story of humanity ends.