Seven angels were sitting around in a circle in the heavens. Gathered around the heavenly fire, they were discussing what would be their purpose when they go down to Earth.

“I would become a doctor,” said one of them. “I will cure diseases and help the sick.”

“I would become a composer,” said another. “I will create musical compositions that will bring tears of joy to all those who are dispirited.”

“I will become a politician. I will create structures of governance that are fair and give support to all people.” said the third.

“I will become an inventor. I will create new products that bring more comfort and ease to everyone.”

“I will become an engineer. I want to help the inventor and make his inventions a reality.”

“I will become an artist. I will create paintings of all the beauty that I see on the Earth.” said the sixth angel.

Dead silence.

There were no words coming out of the mouth of the seventh angel.

He was completely mute.

He wasn’t saying anything.

Everyone looked at the seventh angel who was just sitting there quietly.

“I don’t know what I want,” said the seventh angel in despair.

At that moment, the light of God appeared among the seven angels. God looked into his seventh angels and said…

“My angel, you must have a purpose to go down to Earth. No angel goes down there without a purpose. You must know what you want. If you don’t know what you want, I won’t know what to give to you.”

“Oh, my dear God, in that case, I would like to become a writer. I will write stories about God and angels. I will bring all the light that I have seen in the heavens down to Earth.”

God was pleased.

The angels were satisfied.

One of the angels broke the silence and asked…

“Almighty God, we have all shared our own purpose for life. But what about you God? What is your purpose?”

God looked at their angelic faces and said…

“My purpose is to make all of your goals a reality. My impetus is to give you everything that you wished for. And at the end of all eternity, I will go down to Earth to die. When all my angels will bury me in the Earth that I created, I wish that the weight of all the hearts I helped to be greater than the weight of my own heart.”

“But your heart is the greatest my Almighty God. It houses infinite love. It has infinite weight. That would be impossible,” said one of the angels.

“For you is impossible my angel. But for God nothing is impossible.”

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