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Between the light and the darkness, on the border between heaven and hell, I witnessed a conversation that became forever engraved in my edifice of memory. Between the walls of eternity, my ears discerned the whispers of two hidden forces of nature. On one hand, I heard the softspoken voice of an angel who wished nothing but the best for the world. On the other hand, however, I witnessed the darkness of a demon who only desired to extinguish the light of the world so that he could live in eternal darkness.

I listened to their conversation without any discernment. My duty was not to pass judgment onto their words but only to listen. I had to listen to their voices so that one day I could transmit their words into your mind. I listened attentively to every word and every silence so that one day you too will have the privilege of hearing their words with your own mind.

What follows is the conversation that transpired. This is the story that I witnessed. These are not my words, but theirs. This is not my story, but if it inspires you, it might become yours.

Angel: I wish that the world was a better place. I wish that people were nice to each other. I wish that humans lived in permanent happiness. I wish there was only heaven and no hell. But above all, I wish demons like you didn’t exist in my reality.

Demon: Don’t be naive my little angel. People already have perfect happiness, they choose to turn a blind eye to their paradise. I own my existence to the blindness of men. If they could ever see the truth, if humans opened their eyes that are wide shut, they will kill all demons in an instant.

Angel: Are you blind? Get out of your demonic state and witness all the suffering that you have caused to the world. Can you see all the wars, all disease, and misery into which you have thrown humanity? I work day and night to bring happiness to the people and your demonic spirit only works to bring pain. The world would be much better without you.

Demon: Let me ask you something, my little angel. Should people choose what is best for them or what is worst?

Angel: Naturally, people should choose that which is best.

Demon: If people could choose between conditional happiness or unconditional happiness, which one would be the better option? What should people choose?

Angel: Unconditional happiness is the better option. To be happy without any conditions is much better than to condition one’s happiness on having a billion dollars or being beautiful.

Demon: So why don’t people choose unconditional happiness? Unconditional happiness is a better option since it gives people happiness without any conditions. But no people chose it for people always trick themselves into conditioning their happiness on external conditions.

Angel: It is you who tricks them. You are the demon that possesses their being to seek conditions for their happiness.

Demon: That is my job. I am a demon, and I do my job to the best of my abilities. If I am ever discovered; if some restless soul ever eardrops into our conversation; if someone decides to shed some light onto my darkness, I will be discovered. And when demons are discovered in the darkness my angel, do you know what happens to them?

Angel: I don’t know. What happens to the demons that are discovered?

Demon: We die. And when demons die, people live in unconditional happiness. People don’t want us to die, so they choose their conditional happiness over their unconditional happiness. As long as people remain blind and deaf, as long as they chose the lesser happiness, demons will rule the world.

Angel: I wish there was a way to tell people to be unconditionally happy. I wish that someone in the world could open their eyes and ears and hear our words. For once in all eternity, I want someone to make all angels and demons visible to the world. And once we become visible, every man could choose to willingly follow either angels or demons.

Demon: You have naive wishes, angel. Your wishes are only wishful thinking, and all thinking has no substance. We are the hidden invisible forces of nature that will forever rule the lives of man from the subconscious. Humans will never become conscious of our existence.

Angel: If there is a benevolent God whose kindness and grace created the world, one day there will be someone who will reveal the source of your demonic deception. That will be the day when all demons die and angels thrive. Until that day, you and I will struggle for the possession of the minds of man. But as the sun comes out every morning, I am certain that that day is upon us. One day, that day will be today.

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