Bridge to Heaven

The planet Earth was a boring place. It appeared that many things were happening on Earth but all things were just appearances without substance. However, that was not the worst of it all. The worst was the fact that the people who were born on Earth did not know if they were born in Heaven […]


A Priest’s Confession

Ever since creation, human beings were born out of sin. For eternity, humanity drowned in the sins of their fathers, and eventually in their own sins. Human life was created through the union of human bodies, through the coupling of the human flesh, through the physical alliance of form that transforms the formless into form. […]


The Poor Billionaire

In a great palace surrounded by water once lived a rich billionaire. Behind the high walls of the palace, the rich billionaire lived the most lavish lifestyle. Many poor servants and serfs worked on his estate. On the other side of the palace, people lived in great poverty. All the poor people worked for the […]

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Two Stories in One

Ever since a young age, Atta was a shy and timid boy. His words were reserved since he wished to serve only those who deserved his service. According to his judgment, in the time and place in which Atta was born, there were not many people deserving of his words. Thus, young Atta was withdrawn […]


This is NOT a Story

Our lives unfold in phases. Every new phase begins when the last phase has ended. During each phase of our lives, we grow our understanding of ourselves and we conquer the fears that used to conquer us. And only when we gained the highest understanding and we conquered our highest fears, we are able to […]


Mona Lisa’s smile

At some point in our lives, we all get captivated by something that we could never explain. Someone might seduce our attention so much that in order to alleviate the tension we must capture the seducer. Or perhaps, something might enchant our spirits so much that in order to become dispirited again we must chant […]

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